meet the directors

Briannon Lee

BSocWk, BSc (Biomedical Science)
Briannon is a multiply neurodivergent woman living in Brisbane with her wife and children. She is a social worker and scientist with experience in the community sector in policy, advocacy, innovation and community-lead change. As an autistic parent with autistic children, Briannon is passionate about autistic rights.

Erin Human

BArts Art/Writing
Erin is a married autistic parent of two children; she lives in Nebraska with her multiply neurodivergent family and volunteers as Art Director for Autism Women’s Network. Through her artwork and writing, Erin calls attention to the inherent value and dignity of autistic people of all ages.

Michelle Sutton

BTeach, Grad Dip Psych
Michelle is an autistic parent in a multiply neurodivergent family of 8. She is an advocate for neurodiversity and disability rights in both paid and volunteer roles, focussing on self-understanding and personal development, peer support, community building and meaningful inclusion in all settings.

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Leia Greenslade

PhD, BSocWk, BArts, Grad Dip Prof Counselling.                                                                            

Leia is a neurodivergent academic in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University. Teaching courses in Ethics and Disability, Leia has a passion for exploring ideas around social justice and equality. She lives in Brisbane with her neurodivergent husband and son.