what is neurodiversity?

The term ‘neurodiversity’ was coined by Judy Singer in 1998 to capture a new category of disabilities that were not physical or intellectual, but neurological. Since then, a number of people have created new terms to define those with differences in their neurology (neurodivergent), those with ‘typical’ neurology (neurotypical), the disability rights movement that advocates for the rights of neurodivergent people (neurodiversity movement), and the values behind the neurodiversity movement (neurodiversity paradigm).

This graphic gives a simple explanation of neurodiversity. For a full image description please visit Michelle Sutton Writes where it was originally published.

Image is the “What is Neurodiversity” graphic from michellesuttonwrites.com

AFI invites you to move beyond autism awareness and acceptance, to celebrate human neurodiversity in all its many forms!