Many parents whose children have recently been identified as autistic can feel overwhelmed. At AFI we believe that one of the most valuable sources of information regarding parenting autistic children are autistic people.

Below are some resources that you might find helpful:

blogs and community

Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance (PACLA) – Facebook page

Respectfully Connected blog and Facebook page


If you like to read, you might enjoy these books that all look at autism from a positive perspective… read more


Autistic Families International opposes therapies aimed at normalization. We believe that therapies aimed at normalization, including social skills training and behavioral modification programs, can be damaging to an autistic person’s self-esteem, which means that they do not offer long term positive outcomes… read more 

advocating with your autistic child

Acting in support of your autistic child should always involve you advocating with them and not for them. This is possible even with younger children… read more

media guidelines

Media representation of autism and many other disabilities can be incredibly negative, or can lean toward relying on feel good inspiration stories to get peoples attention. Both these strategies are stigmatizing and harmful. We offer these guidelines to media professionals… read more

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