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We are glad you have found us! You might be here because you have questions about autism. We hope the information here is helpful.

what is autism?

Autism is a naturally occurring variant in human neurology. It is not a disorder, illness or disease, but rather one of the many wonderful forms of human diversity. As such, autism is not caused by diet, early childhood experiences, exposure to chemicals or any of the many other suggestions that you may have heard cause autism….. >> read more

A photo by Aaron Burden. unsplash.com/photos/rIYhzbhZmBk
image shows a person wearing a blue shirt swinging. The background of the picture is a cloudy sky.

some myths and facts about autism

There are many myths about autism. Here we address 10 common myths and let you know what the facts are….. >> read more

image is a black and white photo of 3 teenaged girls standing together. They all have hats on and one is wearing glasses. They look happy to be together.

am I autistic?  is my child autistic?

If you are wondering about whether you, your child, or other family member might be autistic, our fact sheets might assist you…. >> read more

image is of an adult and a small child, seen from behind, walking down the side of a street

what is neurodiversity?

The term ‘neurodiversity’ was coined by Judy Singer in 1998 to capture a new category of disabilities that were not physical or intellectual, but neurological…. >> read more

image is the “What is Neurodiversity?” graphic from michellesuttonwrites.com. Please visit the website for full image description.

get a welcome card

We want to welcome you, your child or family member to the autistic community! Being part of community is important because it fosters self acceptance and helps you to feel like you belong…. >> read more

image shows a child sitting in a beanbag chair reading a book